If you are a single adult that is ready for a relationship, you might find yourself wondering how to fall in love with someone. When you are actively searching for the right one for you, though, you may find yourself falling in love too quickly for comfort. Perhaps you indulge in your feelings too soon, only to be crushed when your counterpart doesn’t feel the same way. On the other hand, you may feel deeply and believe you are in love at the beginning of a relationship, but your feelings fade quick, putting you in an awkward situation with the person you are dating. You probably don’t want to hurt yourself or others, but you just can’t shake the thought, “I want to fall in love.” The good news is there are many things you can do to protect yourself and anyone that you come into contact with:


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Falling In Love Easily: Avoid Dating

If you often think “I miss being in love,” but you know that you are not in an emotional place to be realistic, you may consider abstaining from dating until you are in a better place mentally. This obviously is not a permanent fix, since you know you want to have a lifelong partner. Consider it a temporary resolution that you can use until you learn healthier mechanisms for building a relationship. While you are avoiding dating, you can use this time to get to know yourself better. Go on dates and out or errands alone. The best tool you can have in loving someone else is loving yourself whole-heartedly. This may be difficult, especially if you are continually experiencing the internal voice reminding you: “I want to fall in love,” but if you handle yourself with grace and give yourself time to be happy being single and alone, you will be much more ready emotionally for a relationship.

Falling In Love Easily: Take It Slow

So you know you’re ready for a relationship. You spent some time alone sipping mimosas on the patio and revelling in your single days. You may have had some critical thinking about what you plan to do in your next relationship. You can hardly stand the excitement! When you find the person that you want to date, it can be very tempting to jump right in. Especially if you both feel very intensely about each other from the beginning, there may be no brakes in sight. You are faced with this, remember all the work you did to come to this point. You don’t want to spoil it all and end in shambles again, right? Pump the brakes and enjoy the moment. Speak with your partner about your past struggles and make sure you’re on the same page. If this is the right person for you, it will only be good for your relationship to exercise some restraint, especially while you are just starting to get to know each other. Along scenic drive is much more beautiful than a speed race. The same is true for relationships. One may be much more exciting and exhilarating, but the risk is high, and it is often over just as fast as it begins. If you genuinely think, “I want to fall in love,” slow down and enjoy the little things – you will thank yourself later!


Falling In Love Easily: Take a Step Back

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It is possible that the only relationships you are accustomed to being fast-moving. For this reason, it can be difficult for you to spot where you are going wrong. As a result, you probably end up in the same situation over and over again, and you are stuck wondering, “If I want to fall in love, and try my hardest, why does it always end this way?” The answer is simple. You can’t keep repeating the same song over and over and expect it to have a different tune. Take a step back from your relationship and really take some time to look. What things are you doing that you can change to get a different outcome? Perhaps you are rushing into the physical portion of things too quickly and before you have a solid emotional foundation to build on. You could also be picking the wrong partners. Where are you meeting these people? It is far less likely that you are going to meet your Cinderella or your Prince Charming at the club. Put yourself out there in different environments like the park or your local community centre. You are much more likely to meet someone more scrupulous and invested in finding a partner for life, not the night.

Spend More Time with Your Friends

All too common, when we get invested in a new partner, we neglect our friendships. This can be because there wasn’t much time, to begin with, so the scheduling logistics with trying to make plans has become a nightmare. You want to make sure that you are leaving plenty of time for you to spend time alone with your friends. It can be easy to overlook them in favour of your new and shiny partner, but in the long run, you want to maintain your own identity and friends. Also, if the relationship doesn’t work out, you want a support system to fall back on. If you neglect this while you are in a relationship because you feel you are getting all the support you need, you will regret it later. Friends are often around for longer and are much more deeply involved than a new partner in your life. Carve more time out of your schedule for them. Not only will it give you some space from your new boyfriend or girlfriend, but it will also give you a firm basis to fall back on if the “I want to fall in love” idea doesn’t work out as planned.

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Be Realistic

Time may not be the only thing that defines a healthy relationship, but it is undoubtedly a factor. Many couples claim that they knew they were meant to be instantly when meeting, but the truth is, when it comes to love, this has much to do with the luck of the draw. When you hear crazy stories like this, consider it as the exception, not the rule. The biggest injustice you could do to yourself would be to let yourself believe outlandish things about love that just aren’t true. Have realistic expectations. You should expect to date for a while and really get to know each other before you ever have the “I want the fall in love” conversation. This is because, in order to build a life with someone, you have to know what kind of person he or she is.


Additionally, you can’t always expect your partner to be on the same page as you are. They may have a completely different timeline in their head than you do when it comes to falling or being in love. For some, it doesn’t take much time at all, and for others, there are lists of checkboxes that need to be ticked off before they commit they’re all. It will undoubtedly be a hard battle for you since you feel so deeply so quickly most of the time. This is what makes you great! But it is important to remember that you need to be realistic in your goals and fantasies. You don’t want to set yourself up for failure!

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Don’t Take Dating Sites So Seriously

Sometimes, when it has been ages since you’ve met someone, or you’re just tired of the old grind, you might consider turning to a dating website to help you find Mr. or Mrs Right. For some people, this can be a smashing success. There are certainly downsides to this, as well, though. Even though you have the best intentions, consider that others that sign up for these accounts may not. No matter what their dating profile says – even if it clearly states, “I want to fall in love,” you should always assume that these are largely open for interpretation. It is not unheard of that some people just aren’t successful with online dating sites. Some of us have a difficult time connecting via digital communication and need the face-to-face experience to really decide if we want to spend more time with a person. If dating websites are working for you, just make sure you do your homework. There is a slew of dangerous activities, everywhere from sex trafficking to murder that has started on dating websites. When you go on a date, make sure someone close to you knows where you are and who you’re with. Also, make sure that you are meeting this person in a public place with lots of lighting and a moderate amount of traffic around.

Consult a Professional

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just aren’t successful in escaping our problems. This is where a trained counsellor or therapist can come in.

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Six reasons why you always fall in love so fast when dating:

If you find yourself picturing a future with this person after the first or second date, it’s a sign of a deeper problem. Of all the sucky, negative aspects about being single, the part where you meet new people all the time and get excited about them, only to get your heart broken a couple of weeks (or even days) later, is kind of the worst. It’s happened to me a few times, and every time I feel just as stupid. I meet someone at a party or through a friend, we talk and get to know each other a little, the proverbial sparks fly, we go on a date or two, I start imagining a potential relationship with this person, we have sex, and then that’s it. That’s the end of whatever was going on. After a few days of silence and zero interest from the other person, I come to realize that everything was in my head and that all the feelings I had for them were a result of my own fantasies. Sometimes, if the mini non-relationship was particularly intense, the end can be just as painful as a real breakup, forcing me to really stop and ask myself: what is it about me that makes me fall like this for someone I just met? Why can’t I be one of those people who can go out with someone for months and not feel anything? Unfortunately, despite all of my efforts, I haven’t arrived at a final conclusion yet, but I have figured out some things that I think will help other people who have the same problem. So, if any of this sounds familiar to you, stick around.

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Reasons as follows;

You’re desperate to be in a relationship

It’s (not) funny because it’s true. Sometimes, we’re so desperate to be in a relationship that we trick ourselves into believing that the person we just started dating might be that perfect person we’ve been waiting for, and so, we become completely infatuated. The truth is that it’s probably just that: an infatuation that we want to believe is real love. If you’re starting to feel like that person might be the one, don’t let yourself go that fast, enjoy the whole process, and over time, if everything goes well, you’ll see if what you were feeling was real love or just you want to experience it no matter what.

You’re emotionally empty

This goes hand in hand with the previous point. There are some moments in life when we feel something is missing emotionally, and our first reaction is to think we have to find someone to be with. Seriously, unless you’ve already known this person for a while, there’s no way you can fall that fast for them. You don’t even know who they are, but the excitement of being with someone that might fill that void can push us to give them everything, even our deepest feelings. No one can really fill an emotional void other than ourselves; that’s a fact.


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You want to have a full life

Another possibility can be our wish to live life to the fullest. There’s nothing wrong with it, nothing is certain in life, and we don’t really know how long we’re going to live, so I think it’s great to experience everything that life has to offer. However, that is one thing, but another thing is just to risk your emotional life for it. Being a bit cautious is also important, and having a balanced life should be our ideal. So, don’t force yourself into an emotion that might not end up being what you were expecting.

You believe in love at first sight

Remember what we were talking at the beginning? Let’s keep the facts straight: there’s no such thing as love at first sight. Actually, according to a study by the University of Groningen in the Netherlands, love, at first sight, has more to do with a really strong physical attraction and a psychological desire to experience love. Moreover, they found that people who are more visual tend to think they’ve experienced it more often. So, not to shatter your hopes and dreams, but if you’re experiencing something similar, it’s important to analyze everything and not let yourself go completely with your emotions.

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You haven’t learned from previous experiences

This happens more often to those of us who are hopeless romantics who won’t quit on love just like that. It’s true that those of us who fall fast for others tend to follow a pattern throughout our lives. We’re very emotional people, and not even the worst heartbreak can destroy our romantic nature. But since they’re patterns, we also have to learn from them, especially if we’ve experienced the same situations over and over. It’s not that you’ll never love fully, but rather that in your desire to do so you’re going after people who aren’t really meant for you.

You probably have very high standards

Before you call me crazy, bear with me for a second. Most people believe that those who fall in love fast have low standards, and that’s why they end up falling for anyone. However, it thinks it’s the complete opposite. I think that if you have very high standards and you meet someone who you think is a good match, then you think they’re the one, and you just let your feelings grow and grow, while clinging to that prospect. Does that make sense? It does for me.

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