Operation Amotekun, the nom de guerre of the Western Nigeria Security Network (WNSN), is pounced upon on all sides in edgy plots to kill or debilitate it with the goal that it can’t definitively propel the territorial intend to verify life and property in the Southwest.

The plots may not generally be normal, however the individuals who threaten Amotekun are not debilitated by the pointlessness of their contentions from endeavoring to fix the little advancement so far made by the safety effort’s promoters, especially governors of the six Southwest conditions of Ondo, Oyo, Osun, Ogun, Lagos and Ekiti. So as to endure, the security arrange should now battle on three fronts, indeed, ethnic, strict and legitimate. It has a huge battle in front of it, especially in the coming months. The choice of disappointment, it has gotten plentifully obvious to each south-westerner, doesn’t exist.

In no time before the appointing of Amotekun on January 9, 2020, the governors experienced their first resistance when Attorney General Abubakar Malami smothered the security outfit by providing reason to feel ambiguous about its lawfulness. Soon after the authorizing, Mr Malami, who is additionally the nation’s Justice serve, proclaimed Amotekun illicit. That announcement activated such a commotion, that it brought back the dull recollections and incapacitating governmental issues of the June 12, 1993 cancellation. Furthermore, encouraged by Mr Malami’s restriction to Amotekun, a couple of key northern pioneers, including the as far as anyone knows dynamic previous legislative leader of Kaduna State, Balarabe Musa, started to rail against the safety effort, depicting it as an introduction for severance. How they arrived at that crazy resolution stays perplexing.

While Mr Malami’s lawful contentions against Amotekun were all the while baffling onlookers, the ethnic contentions, which were only a pastiche of mystery, bore no connection to the real world. As Amotekun advocates were attempting to think about the ethnic and legitimate booby traps being raised by its rivals, from far-fetched quarters came another arrangement of adversaries shrouding themselves in strict robes.

Early this week, the VP of the Supreme Council for Sharia in Nigeria, Abdur’rasheed Hadiyatullah, concocted the stunning contention that since Amotekun, which is the Yoruba word for Leopard, was referenced in the book of scriptures, at that point it should ipso facto be a Christian ploy to battle Southwest Muslims. Outfitted with that errant strict contention, he said it would be ill advised for Muslims to loan backing to the safety effort, independent of its excellence.

Said Sheik Hadiyatullah in Osogbo, Osun State: Amotekun is an unobtrusive strategy for additional Christianization of the Southwest by its advertisers in their typical way of having political and power predominance over the Muslims in the locale. It is another subtle method for setting up a ‘Christian-ruled State Police Force whose issues would be structured and decided from the Church to the detriment of the Muslim dominant part in the area.

Amotekun is a coinage from Jeremiah Chapter 5: Verse 6 of the Holy Bible, which peruses, ‘Wherefore a lion out of the timberland will kill them, and a wolf of the nights will ruin them, a panther will look out for their urban areas: each one that goeth out thus will be torn in pieces: in light of the fact that their offenses are many, and their backslidings are expanded.’ It was once publicized that any candidate with the end goal of enlistment into the outfit should deliver a birth declaration from a congregation as a precondition for capability.”


Sheik Hadiyatullah didn’t show how the insignificant notice of Amotekun ought to be likened with Christianisation, nor did he appear to value the perplexity he clearly made for himself and his crowd when he limited Operation Amotekun, a Southwest activity, to Osun State. By referencing the socioeconomics of Osun State, he was accidentally proposing that his dread of Amotekun is restricted basically to Osun State and the security of what he considers to be the Muslim larger part of the state. Besides, he didn’t endeavor to validate the supposed commercial for enlistment, which he said holy places had put out to general society.

Unfortunately, Sheik Hadiyatullah appeared to be not able to comprehend Operation Amotekun. It is peculiar how the sheik seemed inured to the torments increase as of late by the huge scale instability overpowering the once quiet Southwest, an enormous scale breakdown of peace which the measure is intended to address. It is significantly all the more stunning that given the ongoing encounters of most Nigerians, in about all pieces of the nation, where banditry and revolt have indicated no strict colouration, anybody, not to say an edified pastor, could compare a measure intended to reestablish wellbeing and security in the Southwest to one religion or the other, particularly when such a measure was enlivened by lawmakers and governors, not ministers and priests. Other than Boko Haram, there is no record of abductors separating the religion of unfortunate casualties before executing their detestable deeds. Also, when herders assault farmlands, there is no record of them discovering the strict convictions of their unfortunate casualties before desolating their ranches.

Be that as it may, the Osun State representative, Adegboyega Oyetola, has given a fitting reaction to the frantic, devised and outlandish religionisation of Operation Amotekun. Talking through his representative, Ismail Omipidan, and clearly annoyed by the errors and dissension being advanced by Sheik Hadiyatullah, the senator contended: “On the off chance that you plunk down with those hawking the deception on Amotekun, they most likely don’t comprehend the premise of the contention they are making.


Aside from the internet based life falsehood about Amotekun being taken from the Bible or whatever, there was no time the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) was a piece of the gathering when a large portion of these choices were taken. What’s more, if CAN has never been a piece of the choice, in what capacity will you attribute it to a specific religion? I think clarify that there is no enrollment dependent on chapel birth declaration… I will most likely be unable to represent the individuals by and large, however I’m representing Osun State since they (Sharia Council) have been tending to the press over the most recent three weeks from Osun, and I ask, why Osun? Is there any extraordinary enthusiasm for Osun? I don’t know Osun is the home office of the Supreme Council for the Southwest. I don’t know of it. Why Osun?”


Mr Oyetola isn’t the main senator stepping in for Amotekun. The other five governors, PDP and APC the same, have been vociferous in going to bat for the provincial safety effort. They will obviously be aware of the considerable number of contentions of naysayers, yet on the off chance that their announcements so far are any guide into their brains, they seem resolved to press forward with Operation Amotekun. Representative Rotimi Akeredolu has been unequivocal; Governor Kayode Fayemi has been tenacious; Governor Seyi Makinde has been overflowing; Governor Oyetola has been cheerful; and the Ogun and Lagos governors have put their cash where their mouths are. All the more reassuringly, the Southwest itself, Christians and Muslims the same, have been ridiculous with happiness and eager in their help for the local safety effort.

Nobody knows precisely how Operation Amotekun will in the end seem as though when it starts activity, both regarding its sythesis and its lawful structure, regardless of whether it will in reality be a lot fatter than initially considered or, in perspective on the strident government, ethnic, and strict restriction to it, it will be a lot more slender than required for its endurance. Yet, whatever shape it inevitably shows, its backers trust that Operation Amotekun will do a yeoman’s activity in making the Southwest the most secure area in the nation. Herders and other parochial regionalists dread it, and government authorities and their paid operators cast sheep’s eyes at it, however it will endure and ideally not frustrate the district, paying little mind to the not really shrewd endeavor by the administration to subsume it under the police foundation. Truth be told its survivability appears to be more guaranteed now than any other time in recent memory, somewhat and amusingly because of the strident, ethnic and strict restriction to it.

Chukwuma Amaechi
A Certified Senior Editor/Creative Writer @Evergreennewsonline Media, Graphic Designer, Chemical Engineer, & a Radical Entrepreneur



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