Ebem Ohafia is a thickly populated settlement in Ohafia Local Government, Abia State. In the same way as other African groups, the people were worshipers of traditional gods, which they accepted spared and gave them prosperity. In any case, today, the individuals have grasped Christianity and tossed the religion of the obscure divine beings to the breezes. They said it was the intensity of Jesus Christ that spared them from an ongoing cataclysm that nearly expended the land. What’s more, as a sign of appreciation to the Almighty God, the network as of late sorted out interdenominational assistance at the Abum Square.

An occurrence had happened, in which a petroleum tanker bearing 45,000 litres of fuel fell in the network and God spared them from any blast or fire episode that would have asserted an uncountable number of lives.

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A large number of indigenes of the network who had returned to their different stations after the yuletide came back to be a piece of the thanksgiving to God. They sang, moved and adulated the name of God in various manners and styles for sparing their property.

Owner of Uddy King Petrol, Prince Uddy Ezera, who described what happened said his tanker, conveying 45,000 litres of oil had fallen on the Ebem-Asaga/Ohafia Road, and spilt all its substance on the network, as even some of them streamed into individuals’ shops and mixes like water from the downpours.

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The whole network was overwhelmed by the smell of the profoundly inflammable fluid that would have gone up on fire to devour lives and properties, however for God’s mediation, there was neither flash nor fire that would have touched off it until the episode was managed.

“This is the greatest supernatural occurrence of the century for our kin. If not by God’s exceptional mediation, numerous spirits and property would have died. In any case, I say thanks to God for sparing my kin from that catastrophe. It occurred in a thickly populated spot where we have huge convergence of people, private structures, shops, vehicles etcetera.”

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He communicated gratefulness on the endeavours of security specialists, nearby government authorities, and youth pioneers, for guaranteeing that no blast happened until the circumstance was brought to control.

President General of Ebem Ohafia Development Union, Anagha Kalu, noticed that the interdenominational community gathering was additionally used to rededicate Ebem and different pieces of Ohafia to God, as he asked his kin to stay joined together.

He reviewed how the adolescents of the network were exhorted against scooping the fuel, like any endeavour to scoop it would have brought about blast:

“You realize how thickly populated Ebem is. You can envision the disaster that would have occurred if the tanker had burst into flames. I depict the day as the day of God’s powerful benevolent actions and salvage.”

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He said the thanksgiving administration was additionally gone to by indigenes drawn from all pieces of Ohafia Udumaeze, home and abroad. He gave quit notice to abhorrent individuals in Ebem land, whose exercises had gotten horrendous to the network:

“We have given admonition to some recognized terrible individuals in Ebem to cease from their abhorrent ways or escape to different towns or on the other hand, face the anger of the individuals.”

Be that as it may, a truly striking occurrence attempted the confidence of Ebem individuals, when Lucifer Worshippers Church, working in the territory needed to partake in the thanksgiving administration, yet the individuals fervently dismissed them and their N50,000 offering.

Individuals from the congregation had shown up the setting with their pioneer, guaranteed a money gift of N50,000, and argued to be permitted to forecast and perform wonders.

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Be that as it may, their money and suggestions were turned somewhere around the group, saying: “Anyi achoghi okpogho gi. Nani Jesus wu onye anyi ye efe.” Meaning: “We needn’t bother with your cash, we reject and censure you. It is just Jesus that we will serve.”

An elder in the community, Mazi Uche Ukoha, stated: “We are utilizing this chance to alarm our kin about the endeavour by a weird gathering. Ohafia scowls at peculiar religion that looks to misdirect the individuals. How might we permit them to take part right now composed by the offspring of God? They don’t speak to our strict and social qualities by any means.”

The occasion pulled in conventional rulers, the pastorate just as government authorities, drove by the chairman of Ohafia LG, Prince Eke Kalu.

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Queenta N. Duru Iruka
A certified Senior Reporter/Advert Executive Evergreennewoline, Creative Writer/Graphic Designer/Political Analysts/ Entrepreneur & Fashionista



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