Colonialism is a curse rather than a blessing in Igbo Traditional societies.  The advent of colonial masters in Africa brought with it the introduction of a foreign culture. Is like a  rat, as it eats your heal it suits it by blowing air inside so that you will not feel the pain but when it finishes you will find it very difficult to walk.

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The foreign culture introduction which the Igbo’s embrace with open arms because the administration of the cultural setting was in the hands of the Colonial Masters.  The Western world was civilized before coming with a bible and a gun in both hands. The Igbo’s adopted the foreign culture hook line and sinker by thinking that the whites are demi-gods thereby seeing through their eyes. A land where a one-eyed man is a king, there is always a problem.  The coming of the westerners made the Igbo’s to believe that they can only see through their one-eyed perspective.

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Igbo, are rooted in culture, have their own social norms, belief, customs and ethical values, the culture of the Igbo’s has been raped and her blood of cultural binding glue has splashed.

Let’s call a spade a spade; An Igbo man for example; trying to address audience with European accent will end up making a croaking noise like a chimp because, God gave the Europeans a  pointed nose and Igbo’s have a big open nose, but that does not mean that Igbo’s are not special in their making.  We are good and cute the way we are but imitation means going outside the confines of our culture and telling the world that we are inferior which is wrong.

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Before the West colonizing in Africa, Igbo traditional marriage has nothing to do with “white wedding”.  As the name implies, ‘white wedding is for the whites: But as the white wedding is introduced, it permeates into all the steps of Igbo traditional marriage and sours it.

Igbo traditional marriage has steps to follow, i.e.

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  • Bride and groom introduces themselves by both families
  • Questioning wine by the grooms family
  • Collection of the list by the grooms family
  • First door knock by the groom
  • Opening of the door for the bride’s family if the groom is accepted
  • Traditional right for the Umunna (kinsmen), for the Women, for the bride’s father, and for the bride’s mother.

Marriage in Igbo land is not something you will go to one big tree, decorated with flowers and invite a Reverend father to come and pronouns you “man and woman” as is being done in the western world.  In the Western world, marriage can be done with or without the consent of the parents.  For example, if the groom parents disagree with the marriage, it can still hold but in Igbo culture is not done, both families will be involved and any rejection from a particular family means the marriage is cancelled till the differences are resolved…

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Western world do only white wedding, while Africans have their own traditional wedding, why is it that Africans are now doing double wedding, “Traditional /white ‘, and with what is happening to add to the high heat globalization it will not be surprised that the traditional Igbo wedding will face off just like how Igbo indigenous language has disappeared, because it will be regarded as ancient’ and then face away completely.

If this is not true why?

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  • Bride price which could be land, yam or cocoyam has changed to only cash,
  • The bride family receive their in-laws with ‘Nzu” Colanut and palm wine, but now is Malt, beer and mineral ‘’Abomination”
  • On the Igbo traditional wedding day; the bride’s father pours a palm wine in “Nkuku” a traditional cup and hands it over to her daughter to look for her husband when she sees him, he will get down on her two knees and make him drink from the “Nkuku” which he will then put some money inside it and return it to the bride’s father, both bride and groom will then receive prayers from the bride’s father, mother, and the elders of the community. But now glass cup is allowed with the mineral being poured inside even foreign wine…. Abomination.
  • In Igbo culture, there is this Stella pomade that’s been given to the mother of the bride, why has it been replaced with foreign bleaching creams…..Abomination…
  • Why is it that traditional wedding has been abused to the level of doing a white wedding in the church in the morning, and the same day moves to the bride’s family to perform the traditional marriage, which means, western marriage coming first before traditional marriage. Abomination….

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  • In Christendom, why are churches like catholic don’t allowed those who did not do a white wedding to receive Holy Communion?
  • If a bride happens to belong to Mary league in catholic, and you went and lived with your husband after traditional Wedding and get pregnant, nobody will honour your wedding.
  • In some churches, given birth to a child after your traditional wedding without doing white wedding is a taboo because the child will be considered as illegitimate, “a child gotten through fornication’ and to baptized such a child in some churched will be like an elephant passing through the eye of a

Ladies have considered traditional marriage as formality while a white wedding is the main wedding, hanging pictures of the white gown and ill-fitting suits with a tie is the trend, is it part of Igbo wedding dressing code?

Ladies consider white wedding very important because the society and church has adopted white wedding instead of traditional, they have forgotten to ask themselves where did this white wedding originate from,

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     White wedding originated from Great Britain, why then we Igbo’s are practising Britain’s culture here, can great Britain do same NO”  they brought there because they felt we don’t have strong will power and is true, it worked for them. Which means, we have dissolved our culture in the ocean of westernization.

The time to act is now, let’s go back to our traditional way of marriage, where the procedures, of Igbo traditional wedding, will be observed and our wedding dressing code observed,

We have to change our perception of European wedding, even the white wedding we Igbo’s are trying to imitate is not how is been done there., “This is LIKE’ is not the original.. Go back to your roots, where the joy of your culture will be tested.

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