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The dream of any student who passed through the four walls of secondary education is to move forward in gaining admission into the higher institution of their choice but sometimes, what matters to that individual is to become a student of an institution, experience campus life and others attached.

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Inside campus isn’t the same as it’s outside in essence that its inside is always full of exposures either positively or negatively.

As a fresher who is new in an institutional environment, you will like to show out yourself in different ways but vividly you will as well notice its side effects of stress, insults from any angles, strike, hike in-school payments, missing scripts, name missing in lecturer’s textbooks lists and frustrations before you crown yourself a graduate.


It’s not everyone who started that journey finish it, some may stop because of frustration, death, insufficient funds and anything that may cause incomplete adventure. There is always enjoyment especially during 1st year and final year, yes because you’re happy of coming in as well as happy seeing yourself going out but those two levels are as well attached with difficulties, it determined your grade. It needs your seriousness, it needs your academic capacity, it is not easy to start something and be able to accomplish it.

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The middle level i.e. 2nd and 3rd years don’t really have so many pains in the sense that you would now know why and how you started and where you’re going.

Campus life isn’t fair, you will receive threats from different angles but if you know how to tackle every well, you will defeat your problems. Some lecturers make difficult for some female students, in the sense that to take to bed before the pass their exams some make it compulsory if you fail their course. All sort of unnecessary bills on students.

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To those leaving in hostels ask them what they do encounter, you would even be afraid to continue neither those leaving outside school, problems of neighbour and landlords everywhere.


Most times you can even starve yourself just to get something good you’re acquiring for.

Some people are even caring for themselves and you would know the different challenges they are passing through, even those who have someone caring for them sometimes undergoes emotional trauma.


Lots of the individuals you will meet will change into the perfect friends you will not like to go away even after graduation and there are additionally these you will meet and by no means see once more. Among the friends you’ll meet contains:

Class Companions: Class companions are those that often type a examine group and invite you to hitch the group lengthy earlier than exams begin.


Campus Roommates: These campus roommates are friends you may afford to disregard. Campus roommates will most probably be your greatest pal. When you’ve got a piece of excellent news to share, you will in all probability consider your roommates first. When you’ve gotten points to take care of on-campus, your roommate is most probably be the primary you share it with.

Politics/Activist Friends: If you’re enthusiastic about politics, you will all the time discover these schoolmates helpful. They’re these you will see at the forefront of Aluta battle preventing for different college students rights. Their political ambition will deliver them near you and earlier than you already know it, you’re already a member of their marketing campaign prepare.

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Party Friends: In case you like to party, you will positively have these sort of friends. They’re those you solely see each weekend at varied events. You obtain their calls solely when there is a party to attend someplace.

Hall mates: Residing in the identical hall may also deliver you near no less than one or two corridor mates. Not like your roommates, you may not be seeing one another frequently, however, hanging up an intimacy with a corridor mate might make you guys change into better of buddies.

Schooler Friends: Each division has these sort of students and a few course mates prefer to be around them. They’re the campus bookworms and have a nearly good attendance charge.

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Social Friends: That is the friend who provides you with the newest gist about occasions and happenings on campus. You possibly can depend on them for any details about the perfect graduating college students in every school, upcoming live shows on campus, music, style and sport. They know all of it.

Belonging to this category also there are friends you make in different social gatherings/organisation like clubs, church, seminars some of these peoples you at this kind of social gathering can turn out to be your best of friends.



Some of the tips that will help you survive your first year on the campus are as follows:

  • Go to all introductory ceremonies and orientations organized by the school authorities.
  • Turn into extra acquainted together with your roommates and others in your residential space.
  • Turn into extra organized.
  • Find the right spots so that you can examine.
  • Go to class and attend lectures.
  • Meet with your lecturers and get to know them.
  • Turn into extra acquainted together with your tutorial adviser.
  • Be involved with the campus activities.
  • Do your best to get good grades from the beginning.
  • Discover the study assets and sources accessible on campus.
  • Be sure you have leisure time for yourself.
  • Don’t really feel compelled to make any hasty decision about a selective course.
  • Take full accountability for everything you do.
  • Make connections with your classmates.
  • Begin preparing your career path on time.
  • Don’t procrastinate; prioritize your life and handle your time.
  • Seek professional assistance when in need of it.
  • Preserve observe of your money with as a lot self-discipline as possible.
  • Don’t cut corners for any causes.
  • Be ready to really feel overwhelmed and overstressed

Campus life is about the survival of the fittest!

Dedicated To all students in higher institutions of learning.

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Queenta N. Duru Iruka
A certified Senior Reporter/Advert Executive Evergreennewoline, Creative Writer/Graphic Designer/Political Analysts/ Entrepreneur & Fashionista



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