Bullying means to intimidate verbal aggression is melted at a specific person is bullying. Bullying can be repeated over a period, it is an aggressive act that excludes the victim from a group.

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Bullying can occur at school, workplace, market, parks, etc. For example; Aggressive behaviors like verbal abuse, sabotaging the victims’ job or relationship even misusing of authority is bullying.

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Bullying can come in different forms like:

  • Physical: This has to do with beating, hitting kicking, pushing, boxing, etc.
  • Verbal: is a harmful word that pierces the soul, this can be worse than dagger ice. Insults, calling names, harsh words, mockery words.
  • During my university days’ girl was nicknamed ‘watermelon’ by a lecturer simply because she’s is busty, One faithful day came that a student jokingly call her watermelon and it resulted in a fight.

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  • Bullying from relationships: When two people, for example, are in a relationship secrets are shared intimately, but if a little problem arises, one of them may let out some secrets which can shatter or even harm the other person.
  • Reactive Bullying: In the United States of America, a girl was caught after attacking a pretty lady she did not know with an acid. When being interrogated, she confessed that she was doing that because she was ones a victim of such which destroys her beauty, therefore, she swore to disfigure any beautiful girl that comes near her way. Infect, she hunts for girls to destroy, this implies that she is responding to being a former victim by picking on others.

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Risk Factors:

There are some risk factors of bullying, people who engage in bullying are those who tend to swallow M &B for another person’s headache.

Bullying can be a result of not coming from the ethnic background, color or language. When An Igbo calls a Yoruba: Ahh; He will not take it funny ‘ahh’ is derived from how they open their mouth so wide before talking” Or when a Yoruba tell an Igbo man to come and take they’ this implies another way of saying that Igbo’s too love money. People have been bullied because of being over-weight. You will hear fatty Bom-bom, when it a skinny person you will hear… fishbone.   One is weak onto able to defend himself, he’s prone to bullying.

A person who suffers from intellectual disabilities are bullied; you will hear people calling him a coconut head.

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IMPACT OF BULLYING: Bullying has no positive impact; is very dangerous, the outcome can reduce a human being to a maroon, Recently something happened: A 9-year-old Australian boy ‘Quaden Bayles’ via a video clip shared by her mother was seen scratching her neck assuming that he has a knife; The boy can be heard saying’ I want to die, I want to kill myself, I want to heat my head on the wall and end it all. She accused her mother of keeping quiet and doing nothing while his being bullied in school because of his Dwarfism. ‘When the mother asked him if he has anything to say, his answer was (pointing to her mother) I want to kill you.

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He was so frustrated that what he thinks is only how to end it all.

  • Bullying can make a student leave school,
  • Bullying can make someone engage in alcoholism to soothe his pains
  • Bullying can true physiological effect, harms one’s life.

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Bullying can be reduced through awareness and education: queen Bayles mother, went to social media and created awareness of what his son is passing through, she told the whole world: Parents educate your child. The government should also make a law to punish those who are caught in the act of bullying.

The society through co-operate bodies should intervene by enciphering people who a prone to bullying into the society.

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