Rev. Nkem paul

Where have the husband that combine nobility of character with dedication and affection all gone? 3 times in the New Testament God gave direct instructions to the husband: “Husband love your wife” (Eph 5:25). “Husband be not bitter against them …, the wife” (Col. 3:19). Likewise ye husband dwell with them according to knowledge, giving honor unto the wife (1Pet. 3:7). But to husband, can the husband truly, genuinely, sincerely love his wife as Christ loved the church until Christ comes to dwell in his heart. You must therefore open up your heart to Jesus and He in turn will open up in you a fountain of love and grace that neither you nor your spouse would ever have thought possible. But are you husband? See, you should be H.U.S.B.A.N.B which means H-The head Eph. 5:23; the heart Prov. 31:11 you will be the head that will work to support and minister to the needs of the wife and family Acts 20:34-35. The head sits atop the body and yet we feel no pressure from it. Once your head begins to weigh down you requires the immediate attention of a physician. Don’t put pressure on your wife. U- Means the umbrella protecting your wife and children from the rain of criticism and the heat of oppression from friends and in-laws Gen. 20:16.  S-The shepherd of the family, and as a shepherd of the family, loving and caring for your wife and children, because a shepherd does same to his sheep. Give precious things to your wife Eph. 5:25, John 10:11-14. B-The burden bearer, the bridge builder and bread winner (Rom. 15:11, 1Tim 2:8) of your wife and children both physical and spiritually. A –Abiding in convent of wedlock. N-Noble in courage protecting the wife. D-The desire in the heart of the wife and children (Gen 5:16). You should be a husband that your wife and children will want to have around and not wishing you were away. You are the family priest to lead the family altar and ensure that your wife and children maintain in a living relationship with God. You are the family purser, therefore you must not shrink your duty of providing for the material needs of your wife and children. You are the family patrolman whose duty it is to protect defend and secure you wife, your vulnerable wife from the inevitable attacks from outside and sometimes your family relations and friends.  You are the family patriarch, a role model for the children. The duty of inculcating discipline in the children is incumbent on you. An ideal husband must be viz:

FULL MEANING OF H.U.S.B.A.N.D.  The 7 letters number … perfect spirit of God.

  1. H- Holy in conscience
  2. U- Understanding in conversation, correction and criticism
  3. S- Strong in caring and compassion
  4. B- Blameless in conduct at home and outside
  5. A- Abide permanently in the covenant of holy wedlock
  6. N- Noble in courage, protecting the wife
  7. D- Dependable for the contribution to the needs of the family (1 Tim 5:8)

Remember your wife is absolutely unique, she is a master piece of God’s care creation made special for you.  Beside it’s before your wife you stand or fall.

Establish your name first (1pet 2:9). Be unique and original, don’t copy or imitate. Get out of titles, reject them totally, work assiduously, your work will announce you. Seduce your generation with your gift from God. Lure them with fabulous gain. Put your tongue in check (Jam 3:6) Master your emotions don’t be influence by anger and passion.

PRINCIPLES: Do more and take less. The only thing to make people believe in you is by your actions. You can never be bitter and live better.

Actions and demonstration are more powerful and meaningful. They are there for people to see practically, touch, and feel (2cor 3:3) i.e. INFLUENCE.

Avoid ingrates. Don’t mingle with affinities. Be trustworthy (Prov. 13:20)

Learn to give to others before taking from them, first impression matters (Matt 7:12)



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