Bad habit is a negative behavior one do that is not right at the right is acquired or
inherite way of life that a person has internalized and becomes an integral part of him acquired
in the sense that ,a normal boy for example who does not smoke enter institution of high
learning and join a cult group must learn their pattern of behavior ie ln igbo setting there’s a
tendency for a man who married like 7wives for his son to follow his footstep and do the same.

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For example ‘IGBO’ give name like “Omekannayi” A son who behaves like his father.
The word “HABIT” is a routine of behavior that is repeated regularly and occur
subconsciously, constantly to an individual that it has become automatic with him or her for
example eating junk foods, smoking, being with people who dont appreciate you,excessive
drinking of alcohol, finger nail biting, swearing, lying and chewing gum .

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Why people engage in bad habit
1. Depression _
When a person feels so empty that he dont know where to lay down on or where to
start ,depression sets in ,a depressed person is a confused person that is why you will see
drunks everywhere who are naturally would have been a better person,a man ones told me
that he takes Indian herm just to take his mind away from things happening in this world.
2. Peer group _
Peer group influence is a common factor that can push a person into a bad habit,one
igbo adage said “if a goat that does not eat a yam start following the one that eats yam, it will
definitely eat yam.


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3. Illiteracy _
How can a man who dont know how to wash his inside know how to was outside ,An
illiterate is deformed and can easily be deceived ie why 80% of Alamajiri are Boko haram today
is because they are empty brain that wash on their belly before they are being hijacked and
resocialize into a very sensitive wrong doctrine .
4. Unemployment _
Each year more 10,000 youths graduate from our institution of higher learning but where
are they being employed is ‘BET NAIJA” if they play and nothing is coming they will carry a gun
or engage in rape, even start looking for where to get human parts to sell
5. Imitation _

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“cut my hair like that of jumbos but is your hair like jumbo”, ” I want to be like A, I want to
be like B, if you don’t discover your destiny in time,you planned your future amidst.
6. Will power _
Anybody who is easily Bush around is prone to fall victim of bad habit,when the urge of
bad attitude comes or when your being convinced into derellying, do you have the esteem to
withstand pressure.
Ways of breaking the bad habit
1. Change your environment _
Changing an environment we meant here is if you’re addicted to food like junk food,
you need to get all of them out of your house and create a plan to never purchase it again .if
you are in a bad relationship you may want to create an environment that doesn’t include the
other person.

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2. Extinguish the initial negative thoughts and start thinking of positive thoughts so that you
can succeed in life.
3. Surround yourself with friends who already know what you want to become for example
if you want to quit smoking you cant hang around smokers.
4. Schedule a day to jumpstart your new program but starting a day spending a few moments
meditating and seeing yourself free from the habit and make an affirmation stating your new
life you will be living.
How to change a bad habit
1. Decide what you really want _

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First and foremost, establish a clear specific measurable problem that you want to
solve ie what specifically do you really want? If you want to enjoy our job more, what will it
take? The problem with having such vague goals is that they’re unreasonable without further
clarification. There is no clear path to get there and no way to measure the progress being
2. Make it a priority that this is what I really want _
Having a clear and actionable goal to work toward if you don’t have the desire and
commitment to put in the necessary effort, your problems won’t get solved. this is why the
second step to really changing a habit is to make it a priority it may be that you are in pain and
aren’t where you want to be in life.
3. Select specific patterns to break and replace with new behavior, need to replace the old
behavior with a new behavior, for instance, you have a drink every night when you come
back home from work and want to stop drinking so often when you come home you need
something to replace that simple habit of going to the fridge and opening up a cold one.
4. Stick with it and re_ evaluate-

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Habit will not change overnight, it is quite a progress to change the way you have done
things your entire life.don’t give up and don’t get down on yourself. Consider each ‘relapse ‘ a
chance to learn what to do more next time. make a commitment to yourself and really find
that motivation to make change a priority, stick with it and also keep working on it



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