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This story is about a young man called pastor young who has a ministry by name mega solution ministry. The ministry is located at the suburb of dakan city had a lot of worshipers. These worshipers were mostly ladies who usually came for diverse purposes which were not far from marital issues. In less than two years pastor young had through his exploit generated a larger popularity for his ministry it was called solution ministry and indeed it was just a place of solution. Several stories had it that pastor young was a member of a secret cult hence he performed wonders in his ministry. The number of those who found husbands on setting foot at mega solution ministry or married women who sooner than later became pregnant after visiting the revered pastor, similarly, another rumor had it that pastor young acquired his powers directly from India. This version had it that the power came in the form of hand kerchief which was sent to him from India. With this hand kerchief he could do anything, perform any miracle he wished with the exquisite sermon and powerful deliverance session, the worshipers became fanatically involved in the church. They came to love and in fact worship pastor young. They thought the heavenly solution was, after all with them .what happened at the deliverance sessions was better seen than imagined. First pastor young would sing a tune only he could sing and understand, next he would bring out a very immaculate white hand kerchief from his trousers pocket to wipe his face whether there was heat or not.

There upon, he would ask everybody to look upon his face and repeat the mantra. Lord I came before you now, to be delivered and saved. Forsake me not for I am your obedient child. After chorusing this, pastor young would tell everybody to close their eyes to receive the anointing. Once again he would repeat the strange tune he sang at the beginning and in a twinkling of an eye, the deliverance seekers would start falling one after the other. And indeed all of them would fall and become dazed for some minutes being held up by the ushers. Pastor Young was not without plans his deep diabolical ritual was so demanding. For instance he had to sacrifice a 3 months baby every nine months in order to still maintain a vibrant and virile ministry. And immediately pastor young started observing this ritual, his church began to grow in leaps and bounds. People from all walks of life goes to his church for either marital problems or child bearing related issues. On the day of counseling for instance, people came as early as 3:00am to be able to get a tally so as to see pastor young early .any late comer was sure to go home at night. Every passing day in fact saw to the unprecedented growth of pastor young ministry. First, he bought a land, and built his church which had become a world center for marital case. Spinsters, bachelors, and barren women found mega solution ministry the best place to be, some even took it as a home, living in the church and doing pastor young’s biddings. It was about two years and half since the establishment of pastor young’s mega solution ministry. And from all indices the ministry had witnessed an unprecedented growth and expansion. Members were still trooping in as if no other place could be found ideal. Barren women received their miracles and in the next nine or ten mouths, they carried bouncing babies to the alter with families all agog with joy and praise for mega solution ministry. Unmarried ladies got married although with a solution which pastor young handed them secretly. Those who received their miracles went home to tell others hence, every Sunday pastor young’s ministry witnessed a mammoth congregation. Even politicians came and after necessary sacrifices to be prescribed by pastor young, they would go and win their elections. Even young men looking for wives came to mega solution ministry to have their own miracle. In his fourth year in dakan city, pastor young had magnanimously sacrificed twelve three month old babies to his kingdom. That singular act alone earned him promotions to cap it up, the head of their secret cult kingdom offered him a mirror with which to decipher anyone’s problem before he could say it. With this mirror, mega solution ministry could no longer be limited to childless women and spinsters and bachelors. However the only deficiency which pastor young knew of was the inability of the mirror to proffer a solution to a diagnosed problem. But the supplicant would be over joyed that without mentioning his problem to the pastor, he had already revealed it. The procedure was just simple. When any supplicant came to his consultation room, he would simply excuse himself into the inner room. He only went there to consult the mirror and when he came out he would simply begin to pray and utter a strange mantra and then release the message of the mirror. Pastor Young impatiently waited for the dawn of Tuesday. The graceful figure of the young beautiful lady called Lizzy that greeted him after the service was still in his mind. He was thinking of how the young lady spoke to him with all candor. Meanwhile, Lizzy had concluded all necessary plans to set pastor young up. She was actually used to that. Pastor Young was not her first victim. The next day Lizzy was walking into diamond hotels and casino to keep an appointment with pastor young. She was having about twenty of video disks. As she entered the hotel she smiled to herself. After passing a night with pastor young in the hotel and he was ask to pay some of ten million naira. And he could not pay it. So Lizzy and her friends were among the audacious people who approached the press and granted interview to them, as they pranced and preened about in dakan city they felt happy and fulfilled as the police did not care about the lady pastor young slept with, as well as the blackmailers. On the day of the court proceeding pastor young was carried in a Black Maria truck to the court. It was as if the whole world was waiting for him. He disappointed the church, members were wearing sullen looks, friends hiding in shame, enemies jeering, the press men scurrying in and out. The crow was so much that the police had to disperse everybody except the witnesses. As he marched into the court room, it was apparent to all present that the lither to revered cleric has finally met his end.                                   



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