In a village called Ogheli, there lived a family called Mr. and Mrs.   Obioma, they have a beautiful daughter named Adaugo. She was pampered and spoilt because she was an only child. Mr. and Mrs.   Obioma made sure she lacks nothing, so they provided her with everything she ever needed such as money, jewels, clothes, shoes and gifts.

Adaugo as she was proudly called by her parents grew up to be proud and naughty, thereby living a reckless life. She was addicted to material things, that is to say” she was materialistic’’. As time flies, days into months, months into years, things take another dimension in Obioma’s family as a saying goes ‘’Grace to Grass’’ was the song displayed by the atmosphere in Obioma’s  home as things became difficult for the family as feeding was an issue to them.

Adaugo on her part was not receiving her monthly up- keep as she always does due the financial breakdown in her family. Adaugo being spoilt could not tolerate the hardship of life in school decided to look for manner in its wrong place. She got herself into stealing and as if that wasn’t all she joined a group of ladies who lived their lives into prostitution in search of glorious means.

As years could have it, Adaugo became a well-known   prostitute both far and near even in the land of Ogheli, all attempt by her loved ones to stop her from the destruction that awaits her were abortive since she has been drowned to it and refused to change her life for good since she believed that all that glitters is not gold.

Years later, Adaugo was involved in a deadly sickness, which she found herself battling for survival both day and night, as time could have it, it became known to her that there is no way of escape, so she went back home to seek for forgiveness both to her God, she blamed her parents for her predicaments, and wished that she had known earlier that not all that glitters are gold as days could have it, she   gave up the Ghost. 



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