Rev. Nkem Chidera Paul

INTRODUCTION: Africa from the onset remains in God’s divine blue print and agenda. Every foundation of chronicle and historical records top most on the record is the first estate and garden of love prepared Almighty God, called the “Garden of Eden” where the first human beings created by God were resident i.e. Adam and Eve. (Gen.2:6-7)

Definition of Africa: The name Africa is a collective name given by the Arabs to the   inhabitants of the continent that is located at the very land center of the world.  The name Africa means “THE LAND OF RISING SUN” Africa owes her origin to the three sons of Noah, they were Cush the founding father of Ethiopia, Mizraim, the founding father of Cyrene and put the founding father of Egypt (Gen.10:6). Africa is God’s choice land. God located His reserves for the reservation of mankind here in Africa continent. It is the richest continent on earth. In (Gen.2:8-13), we read that God planted the “Garden of Eden in Ethiopia (Cush) in Africa. In Gen.12:1, 0-20, we read that God in Africa provided for, and preserved from famine. Abraham who He called to establish him as the father of faith walked on earth. In Gen.39:1-13, we read that in Africa God raised the first global administrator and interpreter of dreams in the person of Joseph. In Gen.47:5-11, we read that the entire household of Jacob grandchild of Abraham and sons of Isaac were preserved in Africa. From here onwards we read how the nation of Isaac was raise in Africa. In Ex.4:24-25, we read how Zipporah an Ethiopian woman saved Moses from death and helped him to get out of Egypt. In Matt.2:13-15, we read how Jesus Christ our savior was brought physically into Egypt in Africa to be preserved from death and untimely destruction. The first soil God put His tiny tender infant’s feet is in Africa. In matt.27:32, we read that an African Simon from Cyrene assisted Jesus Christ to carry the cross to Golgotha for the work of total salvation of mankind to be completed from sickness, spiritual oppression, bondage, death and poverty. In Acts2:10, we read that three African countries were represented among the 120 persons in the upper room when the Holy Spirit first descended on man. In Acts11:20 we read that the first apostolic missionaries to Antioch were Africans. In Acts13:2, we read that 2 of the 5 men who ordained and commissioned St. Paul in ministry were Africans. In Is.19:20 God call himself an African by saying that Africans are His people. History and facts has it that first man and woman on earth were created and resident in “Garden of Eden” Located in Africa. The first civilization in the world is found in Egypt-African continent. The unresolved question yet to be answered remains “why is Christianity called the white man’s religion after every effort made by God to make His base in Africa at every stage? The answer remains that, it must be a satanic staged managed propaganda. How come that the continent of the first civilization on earth from creation period, the continent that hosted creation, contains the richest reserve on earth, suddenly is described as being poor and devastated and branded third class developed world? We must deal with some haunting issues which includes those under listed below.

  1. Idolatry Ex20:1-5 i.e. satanic festivals, evil traditional practices.
  2. Bloodshed and cannibalism. Deut21:1-9,Num.35:29-34
  3. Criminal and bloody thrones by military coup de ’tat- oppressions.
  4. Witchcraft Ex22:18
  5. Satanic priesthood: Family dead’s ion most places become satanic priest who pour libation and service evil family altars (god of thunder and land).
  6. Slave trade Ex2:1-16 it still goes on currently.
  7. Lawlessness (1sam 15:23)
  8. Wicked practices (Ex22:22-24 deut 24:17, 16:19, 19:14)
  9.  Curses (josh6:16, 1king 16:34, 2king 2:19-21)
  10.   Governmental leadership abuse of power.
  11.  Sexual perversion and ungodliness (rom 1:15, 24-28, deut 17; 17) these issues and many more are yet unresolved. We cannot go very far except we deal with these above listed maters plaguing us. Most of the unresolved issues must be trashed so that the heaven above us shall open and the curses over the land will be broken totally. Then our image shall be transformed and our circumstances dramatically changed for the best which remains the original God’s will for Africa.  



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