Social media is said to be a website that enables users to create and share the information
happening in the state. Social media addiction is compulsive or excessive use of Facebook,
Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Snapchat is talking over our time, having a negative effect on
your real-life and relationships even when we don’t suppose to use it but we are doing that is also when someone entangle or glue him or herself on it and also proposed form
of psychological or behavioral dependence on it. Signs of social media addiction

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1. It is the first thing you do in the morning by checking your status and see who has posted
something new, scrolling through what they have missed on social media after long hours of
sleep at night
2. Wasting time looking at nonsense and procrastinate.
3. Checking notifications all the time and want to contact and talk to friends.
4. Taking photos almost every day to become part of life
5. Anger _
When you cannot check social media, it is not a life-threatening situation but for some
people not being able to get online and check their status and updates they feel embarrassed,
confused about their reactions, feel they cannot control their feelings or their situations.
6. Lose interest in other activities like spending much time on social media and very little time
doing the things they once loved.
7. Neglect school and work in favor of social media because they cannot tear themselves away
from it.
8. Feel stress that your life is lacking, boring but you have to get out and enjoy your
life, experience it with work and obligations.

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1. Disconnect and unplug your self _
Instead of deleting the app, choose to disconnect yourself from the internet or simply
switch off your phone to get unplugged, most successful people prefer to spend quality time
with their loved ones than to mindlessly scroll Facebook or Instagram.
2. Never bring your smartphone inside the bedroom get yourself an alarm clock instead of
using your phone as an alarm simply because some people use their phone the first thing after
they wake up and the last thing before they sleep.
3. Limit your time spend on social media by setting a rule such as “no social media in the office”
you can use it to check updates outside your office when you are out for lunch or during break
4. Get rid of notification by turning off your notifications why because you are always
distracted by it and cannot concentrate well on your tasks at hand it can cause negative
feelings like stress and anger.
Causes of social media addiction

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The trend of digital films is on the high side, every home has either, Star time, Dstv, etc. Zee world a make-belief by Indians where fake love is being portrayed. Recently 80% of
women cannot do without zee world for example sometimes in 2019, A Man sued his wife
seeking for divorce because she believes that her love for him has been giving to watching zee
world, women do burn their food because of putting their whole mind on watching zee world
while cooking.
2. Political posts that you don’t agree with
3. Seeing pictures of your friends that you consider yourself to be close to but you weren’t
invited to join them.
4. Seeing pictures of happy people enjoying their lives creates sadness and jealousy
because your life doesn’t seem as grand.

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5. Lack of “likes on your post” resulting in feelings of disappointment and decreased self-esteem.
6. Seeing a love interest with someone else may make you feel depressed and insecure.
7. Being directly attacked about a message or a picture posted.
8. Posting the amazing things going on in their lives, when truly they are hiding behind
emotional pains.
9. Posting pictures of delicious meals everywhere they eat, we call these people “foodies”.
10 Narcissistic behavior urs evidenced by the selfie.
11. Giving way of too much personal information for all eyes to see when the information
should be intended for one close friend or trusted family member.
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