The 2020 release of the International Women’s Day (IWD) may have come and gone, however, the recollections made by the occasion hung on March 5 at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Center, Abuja will stay permanent in the brains of Nigerians. It was a night of contemplation, soul-looking and giggling. Be that as it may, past the style and glitz, the program gave a special chance to ruminate on the possibility of womanhood, especially the difficulties looked by ladies in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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The crowd, to a great extent made up of ladies and little youngsters from various fields of tries accumulated to appreciate the glimmering air gave by a phase play to remember the recollections of the Aba Women’s Riots of 1929, also called the Women’s War. The uproars broke out because of limitations and social prohibitions ladies endured during the British provincial organization. Driven by dissatisfaction, ladies, especially of Igbo extraction from the Bende District, Umuahia and different places in Eastern Nigeria, turned out in their thousands and made a trip to Oloko to organize a dissent against the warrant boss, charging limitation in the job of ladies in government. The dissent likewise had ladies from Ibibio, Andoni, Ogoni, Bonny and Opobo ethnic gatherings.


Peculiarly, 91 years after the counter pioneer revolt composed by ladies to review social, political and monetary complaints, a great many young ladies in Nigeria are as yet confronting mistreatment and abuse, a dismal advancement that is supported by outdated culture in specific districts, where ladies are treated as peons. Today, numerous little youngsters in rustic Nigeria have been compelled to become moms and denied access to quality instruction and fundamental social luxuries. These belittling practices have overshadowed their odds of arriving at the zenith of any profession or occupation.

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With an end goal to adjust the lopsidedness, a few worldwide bodies praise the IWD every year to stress the indispensable job ladies play in worldwide harmony and thriving and the earnest need to close the social avoidance hole. At the 2020 version in Abuja, Head, European Union (EU) Delegation to Nigeria and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), Ambassador Ketil Karlsen, drove the EU to the occasion, while the United Nations (UN) Women Country Representative to Nigeria and ECOWAS, Comfort Lamptey, drove the UN assignment. Nollywood Actress, Gloria Nobert-Young, drove the throws in the stage play titled; “August Meeting”, sorted out by the EU that awed the crowd.

Toward the end, many cheered the stage play as it flawlessly delineated the Nigerian ladies’ age-long battles against mistreatment. The play likewise gave the stage to enhance the requirement for ladies strengthening by disposing of destructive practices and harmful philosophies that corrupt as opposed to overhaul the estimation of ladies. Karlsen said the battle for ladies’ essential human rights was one that had been continuing for a very long while, noticing that the play suitably recounted to an account of an occasion that occurred in 1929. She lamented that after very nearly a century the dissent occurred, less has changed in the battle for ladies consideration in the plan of things, particularly in Africa:

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“Along these lines, ensuring that we keep battling for ladies all over, seeing that age balance that the current year’s International Women’s Day festivity is tied in with, seeing that appearing is extremely legitimate. “What’s more, in Nigeria, we have some critical difficulties to survive. Seeing more ladies take an interest in legislative issues, seeing less sexual orientation based savagery, ensuring that there isn’t early marriage for excessively little youngsters right now this is a need for the European Union.” He said stopping sexual orientation disparity in which ladies get indistinguishable open doors from men required all hands to be at hand, which was what the occasion helped everybody to remember.


In any case, for Comfort Lamptey of the UN, solidarity among ladies and producing a typical reason will aid no little measure in accomplishing the set objectives of ladies. She stated: “I think if there is any message that this play appeared to us, it is extremely simply one more affirmation of the quality and the versatility of the ladies of Nigeria. “We saw a circumstance where for over 90 years prior, ladies really met up and tested the framework. What’s more, really, had a few penances. They made a few loads of stuff. At last, they turned out triumphant and I think this story reverberates particularly today.”

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Lamptey likewise said the main way that ladies could achieve the change that they need as far as ladies’ political portrayal was if ladies met up and be joined for a typical reason to help realize the required change.

Nobert-Young stated: “This resembles a call for ladies. It is to reveal to them that the significant issue is themselves and they ought to plunk down and consider how to better themselves.” Producer of the play, Chioma Onyenwe, said recharged talk regarding woman’s rights and ladies’ privileges required the play.

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