A man of integrity is a man associated with a relentlessly honest, principled, genetics man who frequently suffers as a result of his unwillingness to compromise on doing the right thing. He is the chivalrous knight, the tragic hero. I also see a man of Integrity as a highly moral standing and with more than ordinary endowments. He is also widely regarded as such in the farming community.

A man of integrity do not involve in all crystal business like Robbery, Internet fraud, killing etc. Rather, he is a God-fearing man and a prayerful man.

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  1. To maintain his noble selflessness and willingness to do the right thing at all costs,
  2. To be a man of Integrity is not about following some external moral code, it is about doing what you say you will do and being the man of you say you will be. It is what attract woman most and this is why plenty of guys who have strong moral compassed still cannot be considered a man of integrity. A man of integrity does not just want to do the right thing; he does it because it is congruent with the behaviour he has established for himself.
  3. A man of integrity must be matured by age a reliable man, even in reasoning, behaviours etc. he must not be an unreliable or Untrustworthy, perhaps selfish man.
  4. A man of integrity leads to respect admiration and success. He also values what is honest, true, noble, trustworthy kind, and right, ahead of personal gain. He does what he want to do when no one else is looking. He valued himself, what is good and honest.
  5. Realistically, a man of integrity self-possessed to live a life based on higher principles to accept a woman who acts badly. Those standers the hold to himself will percolate into his frame. And is frame will be s strong – for confidence comes with mastering oneself –that woman will either have to buy into it or leave.

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  1. ROOT YOURSELF IN A MORAL FOUNDATION: It has been in our proverb that everyone has a god, but my question is that, which god do we intend choosing, it is almighty God (heaven) or a fake god (Fake goddess), I believe the answer there should be heavenly God so that he will help us to actualize our ambition on earth.
  2. LOOK FOR THE POSITIVE WAY TO FOLLOW: This means that you load your consciousness in a position direction by scanning the news for integrity. Meanwhile, talk about those with friends and family rather than the latest scandal, make the word “integrity” a stronger value in your life than criticism and scorn.
  3. RESIST THE TEMPTATIONS IN YOUR LIFE: Too many of us are different people in different places. So, for you to be a man of integrity, you need to work with your physical and moral life even at work, at playing ground and wherever you are.
  4. To determine to live for others ahead of yourself. Remember, the enemy of Integrity is selfishness. That is, you need to live an exemplary life to others (i.e. golden Rule) that requires treating others the way we would like to be treated. NOTE: it is impossible to follow the golden rule without a boost to personal integrity.
  5. PARTNER WITH A FRIEND WHERE YOU NEED TO MAKE PROGRESS: Take accountability to the next level by asking another man to hold your fact to the fire where necessary. This can be a mutual arrangement. A man who asks his friend to call several times a week and ask point-blank if less been looking at the point. The promise of a pointed question can help any area of weakness

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  • The words you say as a man are very important
  • Aligning our words and deeds is crucial for an impactful life.
  • The deeds we do as a man are equally vital
  • A man of integrity must surely be a God-fearing and a prayerful man.
  • The way you dress or look will also determine when you are.

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  1. Bishop David Oyedepo: David Oyedepo started at an early time to accommodate and serve God. He never is opposition in everything that concerns God. He is also the founder of Winners Chapel Church Worldwide.
  2. Enoch Adeboye: Enoch is also the general overseer of Redeem Christian Church. He takes the things of God serious. He is a very prayerful man of God.
  3. Engr. Emma Nwaeze: Rev. Emma is also among of man of integrity in Nigeria, He is a true man of God that fears God a lot. He is the founder of Kingdom Over-Takers Assemblies Ministry. He is also the founder of Evergreen Newspaper and online media. You can imagining when a person acquire such position what do you expect again? I think he deserve to be a man of integrity.
  4. President Mohammadu Buhari: Mohammadu Buhari is also a man of Integrity, he was recognized and confirmed by the election 2015 as the president of the country and ideological leaders of the country. He called himself “Converted democratic”. And he says that he takes responsibility for the time of his military rule.

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