Ihenagaram Abigail C.

Do you really wants to know a guy that loves you? This is what happens;

  1. No matter how many girls he flirt with, you will always remain the number one in his heart.
  2. He will make sure he gets in touch with you each day that passes, either through calls or SMS.
  3. He will never compare you to any other lady.
  4. He will always talk good of you in present of his friends and family.
  5. He will be ashamed of letting you know he doesn’t have money for that moment.
  6. Even in your worst moment, he will say you are beautiful.
  7. He will always wish to be with you at all time.
  8. He will remind other girls that he loves you.
  9. He never act base on the rumors he hears about you.
  10. He will always forgive you, no matter what you do.
  11. He will let his family know about you.
  12. He can’t stand seeing you get hurt.
  13. A guy that loves you will never hit you.
  14. He doesn’t mind giving you his last card just to make you happy.
  15. He will always apologize for any misunderstanding.
  16. He will let you know his phone password.
  17. He always feel free and happy anytime you are with him.
  18. He will always update you on things he is doing or about to do.
  19. You are included in his future plans.
  20. He sometimes, take permission from you before doing certain things.
  21. He will try to be faithful to you.
  22. He will include you in his prayer request.
  23. He will always believe in what you tell him not minding if it’s true or not.
  24. He will try his best just to make you look good and be comfortable with him.
  25. He will take your problem as his own.
  26. When you are not feeling fine, he wouldn’t let you stress yourself. He doesn’t mind doing the washing, cooking or cleaning etc.
  27. He will get gifts for you even without asking for it.
  28. He knows all the special date in your life. He might even celebrate them for you if he has the money.
  29. He knows your best colour, size, favourite food etc.
  30. He knows your close  friends    

Once a guy loves you, he loves you. Trust me once you hurt him, it will take a long time before he can ever trust or love any other person. Even if he does, it can’t be the same. Most times, guys transfer that anger to any girl that he comes in contact not minding if they are innocent or not.



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