There was a man from one village called Utu in Enugu State, he was a very rich man, and the first person to drive a car in that community. He married ten wives, had ten children, he was called Mr. Anthony Nwachukwu. He was a very popular and   an evil man. Mr. Anthony Nwachukwu killed his brother and made one mad. He doesn’t help the villagers even the youths, the ones he helped, he made them useless.  Those who hated Mr. Anthony Nwachukwu were eager to speak of his evil doings. He did so many evils in that community by killing his brother and making one mad, all because of the land that their late father left for them.

Anthony Nwachukwu sold the land and added it up to his wealth. He did so many bloody evil and also all his ten wives was honest to him, but he was not honest with the wives, despite all the caring the wives was given to him, actually the wives have gotten him with bad act in several occasion and he denied it, after all his evil doings  was exposed and all his wives find out his evil doing. Mr. Anthony was a night in Catholic Church. That is why the said people who claim that they are righteous are usually worse than the rest of others. Mr. Anthony attained all the program in church donate money to church, pretending to be a good person, not knowing that he was deceiving people. 5 years later, he was visited with stroke and he died on the process. 

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