Alaneme maryann u.

Marriage and every human relationship known in this world has no universal rules. It is between two adults, so it is what works for you. Do not copy others. What works for both of you, does it makes both of you happy? That’s your own style.

Some men allow their wives to party with friends, so be it, and it works for them. Don’t copy that.

Your neighbor’s children goes to school where their fees is millions, it works for them, don’t copy that.

Your fellow woman tells you, “Your husband is a useless man divorce him”, don’t listen to that. She might have eyes on your husband. And the same goes for the MEN!!!

Who says she not good, “Send her away” hmmm!!! It do happen.

There is nothing wrong in learning one or two things from people that make you better and it’s convenient for you. But whatever you copy and it brings you sadness, inconvenient, pressure and heartbreak, please let it go.

Do not judge your husband, children or wife by the yardstick of another family. This may bring sadness, disappointment and distrust within your family.

Families, I urge you to remember this;

Live according to what works for you.

Nobody is competing with anybody

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