Ihenagaram Abigail C.

Go for your dream, pursue it, and fight for it. People might be against you going for your dreams, don’t worry about those that were against you, they will still be the ones to celebrate with you. Some might use you as an example to others. Don’t despise the days of your little beginning, the future has a lot in store for you.  Always look to the future because it gives hope, but looking at today or yesterday, you might get discouraged.

Most of the celebrities you see today were in one way or the other discouraged/dejected, but here they are today celebrated for what they were discouraged years back.

You just have to work all through the night on yourself so in the morning you will be celebrated.

No matter how rough or good your beginning was, once you are known people don’t want to know what you went through, they don’t want to know where you was, they are interested in where you are right now.

There’s always an inner joy when you are being celebrated for what you know how to do, sometimes you forget all you‘ve been through.

At first they might reject you, that shouldn’t discourage you. When the know your value, the will be the one looking for you

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